Video Transfer


Do you have any great memories on film or video?


When transferred to DVD, old film or videos can form the basis of a gift that is unique and will give years of pleasure – in fact the older they get the more you will value them.


If you’re like most of us you may have a box of old movie films gathering dust in a shoebox, in a drawer or on a top of a cupboard. You haven’t seen them for years because the projector is broken and you can’t buy a new bulb for it anyway.


Or these days you’re more likely to have a box of old videotapes, some of which you’ve never seen, because they’re on the wrong format to watch on your TV. You may just want to preserve your family videos on to a more lasting format such as DVD.


At Custom Photo, we can solve these problems for you! We will copy your memories, no matter what format they are currently on, to DVD and you can see the children as they were years ago. It’s also a good way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren.


Transferring your home movies, videos, slides or photos to DVD is a fun, fulfilling and rewarding experience so don’t delay any longer – Don’t let memories fade away. Transfer your home movies to DVD and share them with your family and friends today. Supplied in a slimline DVD case. Front cover included with a space to title your video.


Video Transfer Services


Custom Photo now offers the ability to digitize your old movie film or tapes. These editable files give you the freedom to create your own movie masterpiece at home.



Movie film transfers
Movie FIlm Transfer to DVD (8mm, Super 8) 0.16 per foot
Digital Media Files Additional $20.00



DVD Slideshow (Digital Images)



DVD Slideshow (Prints, Negatives or Slides)
Scan Charge + $75.00




Video Tapes to DVD (VHS, VHS-C, 8MM, Digital 8, Mini DV)
1-3 $29.95
4-10 $19.95
11-25 $16.95
25+ $12.00
Digital Media Files $20.00/Tape




Additional Charges:
Additional titles (One is included) 2.00 per title
Scanning of Slides, Negatives or Photos See Scanning Service page
for details (Click Here)
Required music not in our library iTunes download price
Additional DVD Copies 10.00