Photo Tribute Service


Celebrate a Life With Tribute Photo Service

What are Tribute Photo Book & Photo Booklets? A collection of photos and mementos printed and permanently bound into a 10×10 inch hardback book or stapled photo booklet to serve as a family keepsake celebrating the life of one who has recently passed.


How do we get them? Order direct from Custom Photo, we are open 6 days a week.

When will they be delivered? They will be delivered prior to the service, or they can also be collected direct from Custom photo.


What photos are included? Any photos you like: not just of the person who passed but also photos of family, friends, favorite pets, vacation spots, and hobbies.


Bring as few as 10 or as many as 250 photos to be reproduced in the Tribute Photo Book to Custom Photo and they will be included. Photos should be 8×10 inches or smaller and not be bound into albums nor in picture frames. Digital photos can be submitted on CD, DVD, or any popular memory card size.


What else can be included? Letters, post cards, poems or any items on paper smaller than 8.5×11 inches and not bound in a book nor mounted to a stiff substrate.


Will the originals be returned? Yes. The photos will be returned when the book is presented. If photos are borrowed from other family members you may want to write the name of the owner lightly in pencil on the backs of the photos. Photo can also be numbered so hey are placed in the book in chronological order.


Can personal comments be added? Yes, we can add 3 pages titled: “I remember when…” with lines on the page, for friends and relatives to write a few words to the family. The opening page of the book can contain personal information as well.


What other products are available? A big 12×18 inch Tribute Print is available from your favorite photo also an 16×20″, 20×30″,18×24″ or 24×36″ Tribute Collages of 10 to 50 photos are also available. All prints can be mounted on a foamcore board for easy display. A slide show can also be produced of the photos that you have supplied, this DVD can be played at the service.


Are additional copies available? Yes. All orders will be stored on file by Custom Photo. Brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren, friends and other family members will want their own copy.


Does it take long to produce? No, We understand that there is often only a few days notice or less, including weekends, Custom Photo can produce the photo books, collage posters and slide shows the same day depending on what is required. Custom Photo is open Monday though Saturday.


Are Tribute photo books expensive? No, Tribute photo books start from as little as $89.99 including all scans from a 100 photos.