Large Format Printing


Share your memories with big prints from custom photo


A photograph is one of the most personal gifts you can give. Whether your photos celebrate a specialevent or just capture everyday life, they say something about you.


At Custom Photo we make enlargements easy. Any photo you have, be it film, digital or print, can be enlarged. Using our state of the art Canon printer we can make photos up to 5 feet wide.


We can also print on more than just photo paper. You can choose from a variety of materials like canvas, watercolor paper, or re-stickable wallpaper.


Ordering prints is easy. Prints up to 30×40″ can beĀ ordered online.
Need a larger size? Please call during regular business hours, thank you!


Prints on Photo Paper (matte or glossy)
11×14″ 15.00
12×18″ 18.00
16×20″ 24.00
20×24″ 36.00
20×30″ 38.00
24×30″ 42.00
30×40″ 56.00
Larger than 30×40″ $6 per square foot


Prints on Canvas (unstretched, standard stretch, gallery stretch)
See our Canvas Prints page


Prints on Watercolor Paper
11×14″ 19.95
12×18″ 24.95
16×20″ 29.95
20×24″ 38.95
20×30″ 59.95
30×4″ 104.95
Larger than 30×40″ $12 per square foot



Re-Stickable Photo Wallpaper
Any Size $6 per square foot