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Groupon Scanning Photo Preparation Instructions


  • This Groupon Special is for 4x6 PHOTOS ONLY. Negatives, slides and other media can be submitted BUT will be subject to extra charges. Prices upon request.
  • Ÿ NOTE: You may submit any UNMOUNTED (not thicker than a Polaroid) photo between 3”x3” and 8”x10” included in the 500 or 1000 count for an additional $14.95, payable when the order is dropped off.
  • ŸOnly up to 500 or 1000 (depending on which offer you purchased) photos are accepted for this Groupon offer. No Pro-rated rebate for any unused portion.
  • ŸPhotos are returned in the order you submit them in.
  • ŸThe images are saved to a DVD DATA DISK in Jpeg format. A slide show or movie production of your images can be created by our experienced technicians. This special service can be requested for an additional fee. Please call and speak to our representative for more information.


Preparing your Photos


Photos must be removed from all albums or envelopes.


Make sure no staples, paper clips, Post-it® Notes, etc. are attached and there is no “Sticky” material on the back or front of photo.


All photos must be submitted in the order they are to be scanned. Additionally, They must ALL be oriented in the same direction and all be facing the same way. (upside down or backside out photos will be scanned as such). Our Technicians will gladly orient your photos correctly for an additional charge of $10.00.


If you are shipping the order, make sure your photos are secure by grouping together approximately 100 to 150 photos with rubber bands to prevent shifting during shipping.



Photos should be submitted right side up.

Photos submitted upside down

will be scanned upside down

Photos submitted face down

will be scanned face down

How to prepare your order for shipping:





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