Custom Canvas Photo Prints


Created using our dedicated photo creation kiosks in-store or online.

Create a single image or collage canvas of your favourite photos. Produced on-site with high quality water resistant canvas for lasting protection against cracking and fading.

Select from three choices of finish:
Unstretched – your image printed on canvas without a stretcher

Gallery Stretched – your image wrapped around the sides.

Standard Stretch – your image on the front with white or colour sides.

  • From 11×14″ up to 30×40″
  • Turn your photo into a work of art
  • Service time from 5 work days

As all canvas prints are handmade items, the end result can differ greatly, it takes years of experience to print and manufacture high quality canvas art. We haven’t just arrived in the photo canvas marketplace, for us photos on canvas compliment our huge range of photo printing products.

Image resolution – a print can only be as good as the source it is printed from the industry standard is 300 dpi which is used in all professional – media. So a resolution of 300 dpi onto a fine grade canvas will produce the highest level of detail.

Colour Quality – we are a photographic lab with over 25 years experience in colour management.This is the most important aspect of the printing process, it involves the calibration of both printers, monitors and especially the photo papers and canvas. This can only be achieved with the specialist technology and trained operators. We always tweak your image to ensure that the best possible quality print from your photo is achieved.

Monitor settings can give very different results and totally change look and feel of images displayed on the web. It is worth checking your monitor is not over contrasted and the colour balance is set to normal. We use specialist equipment to make sure that our computer monitors have no colour bias and are calibrated regularly.

Display Choice: depending on how you plan to display your canvas print, we offer different finishing choices.

  • A standard stretch, for when you plan on framing the piece
  • A gallery stretch, for display without a frame
  • Unstretched, ideal for shipping

Ordering – you can order online, or if you prefer in store with a team member to assist you on one of our unique ordering stations. Click on the get started button below to order now!

Unstretched Canvas Prints
Size Stretcher $
11×14 n/a 19.95
12×18 n/a 24.95
16×20 n/a 30.95
20×24 n/a 35.95
20×30 n/a 44.95
24×30 n/a 64.95
30×40 n/a 99.95
Gallery Stretched Canvas Prints
Size Stretcher $
11×14 .75″
12×18 .75″
16×20 .75″
20×24 .75″
20×30 .75″
24×30 .75″
30×40 .75″